God’s Word Says “Fear Not”

Many people are very concerned, and when you read comments from the President and Vice-President it is very understandable that all folks should be taking precautions with it comes to the Coronavirus. Earlier today, Vice-President Pence said the following the morning after President Trump addressed the nation about the pandemic the entire world is battling. “There’s been some irresponsible rhetoric, but the American people should … Continue reading God’s Word Says “Fear Not”

#HarvestSoCal 2019 is in the Books – WOW!

This was my Facebook post Sunday night after watching HarvestSoCal2019: Tonight’s #HarvestSoCal has been amazing! Wonderful music by @philwickham @newsboys and @christomlin – the powerful message from @greglaurie was simple and so enlightening, but the highlight was the THOUSANDS who just gave their lives to Jesus. “I keep doing these crusades year after year because I want to take as many people with me to Heaven as … Continue reading #HarvestSoCal 2019 is in the Books – WOW!

Now This Is On Our Bucket List

Amy and I were just talking this morning about how we would love to be baptized in the Jordan River, and then I came upon this awesome story. NFL quarterback gets baptized in Jordan River during ‘life-changing’ first trip to Israel During the offseason, one leading NFL quarterback is taking his spiritual life to the next level. Houston Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson, who set records as a rookie and … Continue reading Now This Is On Our Bucket List

Latest Podcast: Ed And Amy Talk Abortion Laws in the News

Here is the link to our Latest Podcast. Ed and Amy give their opinions on the recent laws that passed in 5 different states that have heavily restricted abortions. Ohio, Georgia, Mississippi, Alabama and now it looks like you can add Missouri to the list. We give our reaction and comment on the reactions of others as well. When you are finished listening, here’s a link … Continue reading Latest Podcast: Ed And Amy Talk Abortion Laws in the News