So Cal Harvest – 2018 Is This Weekend

You may have read about the controversy involving billboards for this event being removed because of complaints about Pastor Greg Laurie holding a Bible on the billboard. I’ve got to say, Pastor Laurie handled the situation in such a Christ-like manner. Here is the picture of the “offensive” billboard and that is followed by the information about this weekend’s huge event. The event of the … Continue reading So Cal Harvest – 2018 Is This Weekend

The Ed Boston Podcast Network Celebrates the 4th of July!

Tomorrow is July the 4th and the Ed Boston Podcast is going to celebrate with a special podcast. There will be patriotic music, readings, historical facts, and much more. We will be announcing on social media when the podcast is online for you to hear. For now, watch and listen to my sermon from this past Sunday evening – America’s Godly Heritage. Continue reading The Ed Boston Podcast Network Celebrates the 4th of July!

Breaking News From The Supreme Court

Update: The Supreme Court rules Tuesday in favor of pro-life groups that counsel pregnant women to make choices other than abortion, invalidating a California law requiring them to prominently post information on how to obtain a state-funded abortion. The court, in a 5-4 ruling, said the state law probably violates the Constitution. The court also cast doubts on similar laws in Hawaii and Illinois. Pro-life … Continue reading Breaking News From The Supreme Court

Some Thoughts About Prayer

This weekend, Amy and I will be attending a Church Family Camp. I’m very excited for the opportunity to go and fellowship with brothers and sisters in Christ, and to refresh my spirit and return even more on fire for the Lord. On the first night of camp, I’ve been asked to speak about “Why and How We Should Pray”. While studying for my topic, … Continue reading Some Thoughts About Prayer

The Latest In Pro-Life News: Issue 2

Email from ACLJ on Planned Parenthood Ed, We’re on the precipice of devastating Planned Parenthood, but we need you. Planned Parenthood aborts – kills – 321,384 babies a year – nearly 900 lives a day. It takes $543 million of your tax dollars a year – nearly $1.5 million every single day. Planned Parenthood is profiteering from abortion, padding its bottom line by selling aborted … Continue reading The Latest In Pro-Life News: Issue 2

This Week’s Podcasts

This week on the Ed Boston Podcast Network, we will be doing a follow-up on Harvest America 2018 and the 2nd installment of Pro-Life News and Views with Amy Boston. If any major developments take place in the Trump/Kim summit, we will cover that as well We will post the Harvest America follow-up on Wednesday. Pro-Life News and Views with Amy Boston will air on Friday. Continue reading This Week’s Podcasts