Discoveries Give More Confirmation That The Bible Is Accurate

More and more discoveries continue to prove that the contents of the Holy Bible are accurate. Here are two recent stories that add to the long list. Ancient 3,000-year-old tablet suggests Biblical king may have existed The study of an ancient tablet that dates back nearly 3,000 years suggests that the biblical King Balak may have been an actual historical figure. Published in Tel Aviv: The Journal … Continue reading Discoveries Give More Confirmation That The Bible Is Accurate

Need Prayer? Here’s How to Request on Ed Boston Ministries

A few days ago, we announced the creation of Ed Boston Ministries. You can read that announcement at this link: One of the things mentioned in the announcement is a brand new focus on Prayer, receiving Prayer Requests and sharing Prayer issues. Here is our next step in putting a heavy emphasis on the topic of Prayer. Click this link and here is a place to request prayer, give … Continue reading Need Prayer? Here’s How to Request on Ed Boston Ministries

Holy Week – Resurrection Sunday…The Empty Tomb

As sad as Good Friday was, the best news ever came on Sunday! The Tomb was empty!!! The birth of our Savior (Christmas), the death of our Savior (Good Friday), and the Resurrection of our now Risen Savior (Easter). The story of the human walk of Jesus is now complete with his impending Ascension soon at hand. Blessings to all and a big thank you … Continue reading Holy Week – Resurrection Sunday…The Empty Tomb

Holy Week – Good Friday

 Trial, Crucifixion, Death, and Burial on Good Friday Good Friday is the most difficult day of Passion Week. Christ’s journey turned treacherous and acutely painful in these final hours leading to his death. According to Scripture, Judas Iscariot, the disciple who had betrayed Jesus, was overcome with remorse and hanged himself early Friday morning. Meanwhile, before the third hour (9 a.m.), Jesus endured the shame of false accusations, … Continue reading Holy Week – Good Friday

Holy Week – Maundy Thursday

Holy Week takes a somber turn on Thursday.   From Bethany, Jesus sent Peter and John ahead to the Upper Room in Jerusalem to make the preparations for the Passover Feast. That evening after sunset, Jesus washed the feet of his disciples as they prepared to share in the Passover. By performing this humble act of service, Jesus demonstrated by example how believers should love one another. Today, many … Continue reading Holy Week – Maundy Thursday