Heroes Killed in Afghanistan Named

We would like to ask those who read this post here on EdBoston.com to join with us as we pray for the memory of these brave heroes as well as comfort for their families and loved ones.   US servicemen killed in Afghanistan bomb attack identified The Pentagon on Wednesday released the names of three servicemen killed a day earlier in a roadside bomb attack in … Continue reading Heroes Killed in Afghanistan Named

Remarks by President Trump at a Memorial Day Ceremony

Arlington National Cemetery Arlington, Virginia 11:47 A.M. EDT THE PRESIDENT:  Thank you very much, everyone.  Thank you very much.  What an honor.  Secretary Mattis — AUDIENCE MEMBER:  We love you! THE PRESIDENT:  And I love you, too.  (Laughter.)  General Dunford, Joint Chiefs, members of the Armed Forces, members of the Cabinet, members of Congress, and distinguished guests: Thank you for joining us on this solemn … Continue reading Remarks by President Trump at a Memorial Day Ceremony

Military Spouse Appreciation Day

Today is Military Spouse Appreciation Day it is celebrated on the Friday before Mother’s Day every year in the United States. President Ronald Reagan recognized the importance of this day when it started in 1984. Many United States citizens take this day to acknowledge the significant contributions, support, and sacrifices of spouses of their Armed Forces. Each year, the US President normally commemorates this day … Continue reading Military Spouse Appreciation Day

Breaking News: Hazmat Situation At Ft. Myer, Va

Investigators are looking into an apparent hazmat situation at Joint Base Myer-Henderson Hall in Ft. Myer, Virginia, after a number of people began feeling sick after opening a letter, officials said. Arlington Fire, one of the units responding to the scene, said “11 people started feeling ill after the letter was opened” in an administration building. Three patients were hospitalized and were said to be … Continue reading Breaking News: Hazmat Situation At Ft. Myer, Va